The Palestine Strategy Group convenes meetings, focus groups, develops strategic analysis, scenario planning and provides space for debate on policy and ways forward.

Recent Workshops

The Palestine Strategy Group (PSG) has been busy working towards the publication of the ‘Palestine 2030 – A decade of Clarity and Renewal’ report launch.

‘Palestine 2030’ builds on twelve specially commissioned research papers and several in person workshops that analyse the Palestinian issue through the lens of the changing Israeli, regional and international contexts. The report provides up-to-date insights into the contemporary realities of the Palestinian struggle for freedom within this changing environment and offers options, scenarios and pathways towards rejuvenating Palestinian morale and a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

The report is a collective output, enriched by feedback received by round-table participants throughout the drafting process, including Palestinian academic, political and civil society leaders from the West Bank and Gaza, Israel, as well as from the Refugee and Diaspora Communities.